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First, uncut post.

Hello, and welcome to Those_tea_grrls, my newest attempt at a semi-decent community. Topics should be endless, so feel free to really talk about anything you'd like. This would be a unified journal attempt at keeping people up to date with what's going on with your life. Want people to tell you how horrendously pretty you are? Post a picture. Would you like to know how well thought out your essay for finals is? Submit it here. Need someone to talk about a new movie with? I'm sure there will be someone to listen (eventually) here.

Yeah, nobody yet. If you are reading this, you are the first handful. So posting may seem pointless, but why the hell not when you have nothing better to do. It's raining out, or too cold to do anything. Write a little blurb about someone you met at the recycling station. Or about how your new caning technique really leaves a great set of bruises on someone's bottom.

Anyway, just a lead off from your moderator. Have fun, be safe, and flex your creativity.

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