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Come on in!!

.. more inside.

Tea Grrls n Bois
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What's up ya'll. This is a community for everyone. Be you a he, a she, a he-she, or a she-he. You like Gothic music, but listen to gangsta hip-hop on your way to Aunt Suzie's on wednesday. Trip-hop to acid jazz, fashion to interior design. You're a computer gamer who loves RTS but hates turn based, or vice versa. Straight, GLBT, pansexual, trisexual, homosexual, asexual, or any other sexual you can think up. You're a Christian but secretly worship to the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet when you're at your girfriend Patty's house.

Basically this is just a community to the open minded put out by this tea-girl for you. An open avenue for respectful communication, tip sharing, and perhaps even the small bit of hopeless romance. Share a poem, a lyric, how to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches while talking on your phone as well as chatting online, how to make your own uranium, etc etc. Post away.

In the end, this is a community created and based in transgenderism, dedicated to such and then given to everyone. Respect the fact of these roots, and do not bring anything inflammatory against the girls who come here. If it's heard of, it will have an automatic banning.

Keep un-cut posts to a three paragraph maximum. If you write long paragraphs, then one or two please. Anything longer it would be polite to use livejournal cuts.

It is fine to put up Quizzilla and other such tests on the site, just as long as you don't do it obssessively. Keep that to your personal site please.

Please no hardcore pornographic pictures. Nudity is fine if in a tasteful, perhaps even artistic light.

Any more than one picture being posted, please use the LJ cut feature.

So welcome to all you tea boys, and tea grrls out their. As well as to their admirers, and just the people who want to learn more. Even those who could care less and want to seek a place for good posting, and intelligent people. Enjoy, have fun, and remember, what you put in is what you get out.

Your moderator.